Available Impotence Treatment

23 September, 2011 (11:59) | Impotence Treatment | By: admin

Thanks to the modern day science and technology, Male Impotence is no longer a curse to the sufferers.

What is Impotence? Inability to take part and complete the sexual activity and / or inability to reproduce is the Impotence. Our discussions will be limited to Male Impotence because of which a male person can not complete his sexual intercourse with his partner, or, even he completes, can not reproduce.

Men’s Health is directly related to his sexual capability, which is also the prime factor of Men’s sexual health. Definitely we cannot tell a male person healthy if he is Impotent. So we put stress on the discussions about the male impotence and its remedies.

What are different kinds of Male Impotence? One of the most common types of male impotence is erectile dysfunction in which a male person does not get enough and prolonged erection during sexual intercourse. Let me discuss about the available Impotence Treatment for this kind of problem.

We must salute to Pfizer for bringing the oral medicine Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction. This oral Impotence Drug, if used one hour before sex, plays a miracle to the suffering person who gets long and sufficient erection. This drug causes more blood flow through the penis during sexual excitement causing sufficient erection.

In the later years, other similar drugs like Levitra, Cialis etc have been brought to the market by different manufacturers for similar Impotence Treatment. All these Impotence Drugs are equally effective. However individual effect may vary person to person.

In spite of some side effects, these drugs are miracle pills. However, a doctor should be consulted before going for these medicines.

Now we can discuss other types of Male Impotence. Impotence has direct consequence to Infertility. There are many reasons for male infertility. A few of them are, Sperm disorder, retrograde ejaculation, hormonal imbalance variococeles, surgical, medicinal, genetic, psychological etc. Each type of problem has its own method of Impotence Treatment.

We are highlighting a few causes of male infertility and their available treatment below:
Variococeles -Minor outpatient surgery for repairing of variococeles. Sperm movement improves by this repairing and the result is respite from infertility.

Retrograde Ejaculation – With the help of medicine like clomiphene. This medicine helps in correcting endocrine imbalance causing reversing of ejaculation instead of that through the penis.

Psychological – Counseling by an expert Psychiatrist supported by suitable medication.

In addition to the above methods we discussed, there is a superior method which is high technology Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) for treatment of infertility when other methods fail to produce result..

When the infertility problem is severe, ART is the best method to overcome it, which does not require sexual intercourse to conceive.

Male infertility is the most impediment factor to sound Men’s health. We have discussed above briefly different kind of treatments available now a days to treat male infertility.