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Cause Of Impotence Impotence Males

5 November, 2011 (03:50) | ED Causes | By: admin

If you are impotence males suffering from cause of impotence, learn what treatment option is available to you so that you can start to enjoy a healthy sex life.

Wondering what the primary cause of impotence is? You might be surprised to learn the top five causes, and how they may play a factor in your life. Before you give up hope on finding a treatment option, learn about why you have impotence and what options you have in dealing with it.

  • Impotence Males: Mentality

Our brain controls the sexual center of our body. If you are stressed, depressed or having relationship problems, this can contribute to impotence. In these cases, mental therapy has been shown to beneficial.

  • Impotence Males: Obesity

When the body is overweight, everything becomes a chore for its functions. One thing that obesity hinders is good circulation. With poor blood flow, it’s more difficult to achieve or maintain an erection.

  • Cause of Impotence: Diseases

Certain diseases can cause impotence. A few list toppers include: heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. Generally, this can be corrected using supplements or drugs to treat impotence.

  • Cause of Impotence: Smoking, Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Smoking constricts blood vessels, as does alcohol and drug abuse. When the body is working in overdrive, it can struggle to maintain good blood flow. This can vastly contribute to impotence males.

  • Cause of Impotence: The Aging Process

The most common cause of impotence is us naturally growing older. As we age, our body’s become less able and agile. However, by taking supplements or drugs that improve blood flow and libido, as well as testosterone production, impotence can be easily treated.

  • Impotence Males – Treatment Options

Here are five impotence males treatment options you can explore, keep in mind that impotence is a very treatable condition, but you first have to take the steps to get treatment for it.

1. Prescription drugs
2. Sexual therapy
3. Surgical repair
4. Penile creams, lotions and gels
5. Natural supplements that treat the impotence males

Certainly, it can seem dissuading that you are reading about all of these things that can be the cause of impotence. But there is some good news: effective treatment options await you. Don’t be embarrassed about something so common that more than 30 million men suffer from it in the US alone. Rather, take action and do something about it today, and enjoy better sex tonight!