Magic Wand For ED Treatment: Detailed Comparison of Tadacip and Apcalis Sx

15 September, 2017 (17:25) | ED Medications | By: admin

Tadacip and Apcalis SX are both generic drugs to replace Cialis: they contain tadalafil, a component that promotes hard-rock and long-lasting erection. The medications are best suited to tackle the problem of poor erection and can be used by men of different ages. However, although they seem to be one thing, there are some differences.

How do they work?

apcalis sx

Both medications contain tadalafil – a chemical compound that influences erectile tissues of penis and boosts blood flow to cause erection. During penetration and sexual interaction, nitric oxide is released to penile tissues to activate enzyme guanylate cyclase. It increases the level of the chemical guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) that relaxes blood vessels and promotes blood flow to the spongy tissues of penis. Besides, Tadacip and Apcalis-SX inhibit the action of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), the enzyme that breaks down cGMP preventing normal erection.

Tadacip and Apcalis Sx Dosage


Since it’s a generic version of Cialis, dosage of Apcalis SX is the same: it’s produced in pills of 20 mg each. The same applies to Tadacip.

Both medications can be taken from 30 minutes to 36 hours prior to sexual intercourse. Only one pill a day should be taken and drunk up by a glass of water. Pills should not be chewed, just swallowed entirely. Minimal dose is 10 mg (1/2 of a pill), but men are usually recommended to take 20 mg doses. Those who take protease inhibitors (for instance, to treat HIV), should not exceed the dose of 25 mg of Apcalis SX within 2 days. The drugs can be combined with a small amount of non-fat foods and alcohol – this is a key benefit of tadalafil and its generic versions.

As a rule, ED drugs are taken only prior to sexual act. There’s no need to use them on a daily basis. However, some patients claim that tadalafil therapy helps to restore normal erectile function and promotes erection without medical stimulation down the road. Doctors also recommend using tadalafil together with a well balanced calorie diet: veggies, fruits and grains.

Prices at Online Pharmacies

While Brand Cialis costs at least $3.5 per pill, generic like Apcalis SX and Tadacip are much more affordable.

One Apcalis SX pill costs about $1.7, if you buy a bigger package (90 pills). 60 pill pack would cost about $113, and 30 pills – $68. 10-pill pack costs $38, which is pretty expensive. Tadacip tends to be a bit cheaper. One pill costs $3.7, but big-size packages help to save greatly. For instance, 300 tablets would cost you $330 ($1.1 per tablet), and 200 pills are worth $280 ($1.4 per tablet).

As you can see, both erectile dysfunction remedies can be purchased at a fraction of the cost, if you order large packs. It is definitely worth doing so.


Tadalafil is praised by users for being a long-lasting medication: it maintains the effect up to 36 hours! It’s reported that Apcalis-SX offers the most prolonged effect. Both Tadacip and Apcalis SX should be used about 40 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. Therefore, if a man doesn’t need a long-lasting effect, it’s better to use alternative medications as Vardenafil or Viagra that work within 4-8 hours only.

Both Tadacip and Apcalis SX promote pretty quick and long-lasting erection when taken on demand. Note that erection doesn’t occur without sexual stimulation – there won’t be any awkard situations, a man can perfectly control his state. However, manufacturers claim that the medications can affect person’s ability to drive and work with machinery.

It’s hard to say what works better – Apcalis SX or Tadacip – they contain the same active component and the same concentration of dose. They have proved to have the same level of efficiency as the original medications. However, they are produced in 20 mg versions only, the highest dose. This is a tricky benefit. From one point, a patient receives the strongest variant of ED medication, from another – maximum dosage means higher risk of unwanted side effects and complications.

Side effects of Tadacip and Apcalis Sx

While such side effects as headache and stomach upset are typical of Tadacip and Apcalis XS, there are some more serious complications that should not be ignored. These include:

  • painful erection that lasts for more than 4 hours (emergency is required, because this condition can be dangerous for penis);
  • vomiting;
  • irregular heartbeat;
  • sudden loss of vision or hearing;
  • fainting;
  • muscle cramps;
  • ringing in ears;
  • chest pain.

A man experiencing such symptoms should get immediate medical help and inform the doctor about it.


Both Tadacip and Apcalis SX are highly efficient ED remedies that can solve the problem of insufficient erection in men of different age. The main reason to offer such products is affordable price: when making wholesale purchases, you can spend 2-3 times less! The quality of generic medications is no different from the original drugs.

However, since generics are sold without prescription, you should not use them on a daily basis without consulting with the doctor first. They are produced in the highest dose variations, so the risk of side effects is higher. Therefore, before starting your treatment with this or that ED drug, a man should try it and look for possible complications. If there are no unwanted side effects, or they’re minor, the medication can be taken as usual.

How to choose between Tadacip and Apcalis SX? Since everyone has different individual reaction to drugs, both of them should be tried before initiating a fully-fledged course. For example, if you have strong side effects caused by Tadacip, you can opt for Apcalis SX. There’s a chance that it would trigger less complications. For some reasons, men have different reaction to different ED medications, even if they contain the same active components.

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