Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men and Its Causes

6 August, 2011 (02:47) | Main | By: admin

Erectile dysfunction is a problem all the more frequent in young men as it is in older men though in older men it is more frequent. Young men are the most vulnerable to go without treatment because they feel a great deal of embarrassment and find it really against their ego to admit that there is something wrong with them or their manhood. Due to this they simply avoid seeking any help and recluse to a life without any sexual activity which can get very lonely and difficult for them. All these feelings further build up stress and depression in young men which are aggravating factors in erectile dysfunction. Help is abundantly available for erectile dysfunction and thus it should be encouraged that young men too come forward with their problems so that they can enjoy more fulfilling and happy lives with their partners.

The problem with erectile dysfunction is that there are a lot of different factors that cause it and unless you are fully aware of them all you might end up building up on all these factors together thus ending up with a more severe case of impotence. But the good part is that half of these factors are totally controllable by any young man on his own without having to go to any doctor or taking any medication. Some of the most prominent reasons for erectile dysfunction in young men that have been brought to light recently are excessive consumption of alcohol, excessive smoking, obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, and narcotic substances.

Starting with smoking this is a habit that not only causes erectile dysfunction but is the root cause a lot of other deadly heart conditions as well. All the substances present in a cigarette like nicotine, tar, and carcinogens that when inhaled lead to the hardening of the arteries and to arterial sclerosis. In order to get an erection the male body requires a great deal of blood flow but when tar begins to build up in the lungs it becomes more difficult for the body to pump the required amount of blood. The heart also requires a lot of energy in the process and heavy smokers thus often quote that they find it difficult to maintain an erection for too long. This is because excessive drinking weakens their hearts and thus they are unable to maintain that required blood flow and pressure and end up with impotence.

Heaving consumption of alcohol makes the human nervous system act as a depressant which may make you feel more relaxed but in the process the brain too relaxes and thus is unable to send the neurons to your brain when your penis is trying to get an erection. This is why under the influence of heavy alcohol many men fail to get an erection or fail to maintain it for long. This is why when you start drinking on such a regular basis you finally begin losing your ability to get an erection and end up with impotence.

Another major reason why young men end up with erectile dysfunction is because of the heart diseases that they have. Heart diseases have a direct link with impotence because they too involve the arteries or issues like high blood pressure or high cholesterol. When plaque begins to build up the arteries get blocked and the flow of blood gets restricted thus making it difficult for the patient to get an erection hard enough for sexual intercourse. Therefore the overall health of young men is the most important factor to look out for to remain free from impotence problems. So better to maintain proper health to overcome these problems.