Modern cures for erectile dysfunction

26 May, 2011 (00:54) | ED Medications | By: admin

One in ten men for erectile dysfunction

Although there is no strict age limit for this condition, erectile dysfunction occurs more frequently among men aged 40 to 50.

However, statistics provided by the Sexual Dysfunction Association offers more than 1 in 10 men throughout the United Kingdom have suffered from symptoms of erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives, either momentary or prolonged.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

There are many reasons why a man may suffer from erectile dysfunction:

In most cases it is purely physiological, triggered by stress, depression or negative feelings;

There are cases where erectile dysfunction is medically induced.

Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological problems, hormone deficiencies or as a result of drug abuse in the long term…once seen one of these can easily handled by:

  • the management of diet,
  • regular exercise,
  • and application of PDE5 inhibitors (such as Viagra).
  • Remedy for erectile dysfunction

    There are two treatments for erectile dysfunction, i.e. temporary and permanent solution.

    Temporary solution

    The only real drawback is that for each of these treatments for erectile dysfunction is a short-term solution, requiring regular doses to prevent re-ocurrence.

    Although supplements of testosterone, the penile suppositories, injections and vacuum pumps seems to cure erectile dysfunction on the outside, they are only temporary solutions and must be regularly used in order to help maintain the erection.

    Permanent solution

    Are there any erectile dysfunction permanent remedy?

    The last decade has seen a shift in medical treatment to treat erectile dysfunction.

    The devices and pills may help treat erectile dysfunction, but the most effective is always penis enlargement devices.

    However, medical research conducted on devices traction type 1 – such as those sold by SizeGenetics – has seen real success in this area.

    The science behind penis enlargement device

    Erections naturally occur a steady supply of blood to enter and be retained within the sponge-like body of the penis.

    In the case of those who suffer from erectile dysfunction, the blood supply is often limited, making them lose their erection shortly after awakening.

    However, the use of a traction device for penis is one of the few suitable natural erectile dysfunction treatment.

    SizeGenetics… a respected name for penis enlargement method

    By choosing to wear the SizeGenetics traction device for 2-3 hours a day, then:

    you can offer your penis natural, permanent solution,

    experiencing the penis enlargement of up to 30% of your original size.

    The integration of a similar method used in orthopedic surgery, the SizeGenetics traction device for your encouraging Copor cavernous tissue replication in cells, chambers of your penis.

    As this mass of tissue begins to accumulate inside these rooms, your penis naturally begins to extend and strengthen, allowing your penis to hold more blood to remain erect longer and become rock hard during your sexual activity.

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