Magic Wand For ED Treatment: Detailed Comparison of Tadacip and Apcalis Sx

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Tadacip and Apcalis SX are both generic drugs to replace Cialis: they contain tadalafil, a component that promotes hard-rock and long-lasting erection. The medications are best suited to tackle the problem of poor erection and can be used by men of different ages. However, although they seem to be one thing, there are some differences.

How do they work?

apcalis sx

Both medications contain tadalafil – a chemical compound that influences erectile tissues of penis and boosts blood flow to cause erection. During penetration and sexual interaction, nitric oxide is released to penile tissues to activate enzyme guanylate cyclase. It increases the level of the chemical guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) that relaxes blood vessels and promotes blood flow to the spongy tissues of penis. Besides, Tadacip and Apcalis-SX inhibit the action of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), the enzyme that breaks down cGMP preventing normal erection.

Tadacip and Apcalis Sx Dosage


Since it’s a generic version of Cialis, dosage of Apcalis SX is the same: it’s produced in pills of 20 mg each. The same applies to Tadacip.

Both medications can be taken from 30 minutes to 36 hours prior to sexual intercourse. Only one pill a day should be taken and drunk up by a glass of water. Pills should not be chewed, just swallowed entirely. Minimal dose is 10 mg (1/2 of a pill), but men are usually recommended to take 20 mg doses. Those who take protease inhibitors (for instance, to treat HIV), should not exceed the dose of 25 mg of Apcalis SX within 2 days. The drugs can be combined with a small amount of non-fat foods and alcohol – this is a key benefit of tadalafil and its generic versions.

As a rule, ED drugs are taken only prior to sexual act. There’s no need to use them on a daily basis. However, some patients claim that tadalafil therapy helps to restore normal erectile function and promotes erection without medical stimulation down the road. Doctors also recommend using tadalafil together with a well balanced calorie diet: veggies, fruits and grains.

Prices at Online Pharmacies

While Brand Cialis costs at least $3.5 per pill, generic like Apcalis SX and Tadacip are much more affordable.

One Apcalis SX pill costs about $1.7, if you buy a bigger package (90 pills). 60 pill pack would cost about $113, and 30 pills – $68. 10-pill pack costs $38, which is pretty expensive. Tadacip tends to be a bit cheaper. One pill costs $3.7, but big-size packages help to save greatly. For instance, 300 tablets would cost you $330 ($1.1 per tablet), and 200 pills are worth $280 ($1.4 per tablet).

As you can see, both erectile dysfunction remedies can be purchased at a fraction of the cost, if you order large packs. It is definitely worth doing so.


Tadalafil is praised by users for being a long-lasting medication: it maintains the effect up to 36 hours! It’s reported that Apcalis-SX offers the most prolonged effect. Both Tadacip and Apcalis SX should be used about 40 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. Therefore, if a man doesn’t need a long-lasting effect, it’s better to use alternative medications as Vardenafil or Viagra that work within 4-8 hours only.

Both Tadacip and Apcalis SX promote pretty quick and long-lasting erection when taken on demand. Note that erection doesn’t occur without sexual stimulation – there won’t be any awkard situations, a man can perfectly control his state. However, manufacturers claim that the medications can affect person’s ability to drive and work with machinery.

It’s hard to say what works better – Apcalis SX or Tadacip – they contain the same active component and the same concentration of dose. They have proved to have the same level of efficiency as the original medications. However, they are produced in 20 mg versions only, the highest dose. This is a tricky benefit. From one point, a patient receives the strongest variant of ED medication, from another – maximum dosage means higher risk of unwanted side effects and complications.

Side effects of Tadacip and Apcalis Sx

While such side effects as headache and stomach upset are typical of Tadacip and Apcalis XS, there are some more serious complications that should not be ignored. These include:

  • painful erection that lasts for more than 4 hours (emergency is required, because this condition can be dangerous for penis);
  • vomiting;
  • irregular heartbeat;
  • sudden loss of vision or hearing;
  • fainting;
  • muscle cramps;
  • ringing in ears;
  • chest pain.

A man experiencing such symptoms should get immediate medical help and inform the doctor about it.


Both Tadacip and Apcalis SX are highly efficient ED remedies that can solve the problem of insufficient erection in men of different age. The main reason to offer such products is affordable price: when making wholesale purchases, you can spend 2-3 times less! The quality of generic medications is no different from the original drugs.

However, since generics are sold without prescription, you should not use them on a daily basis without consulting with the doctor first. They are produced in the highest dose variations, so the risk of side effects is higher. Therefore, before starting your treatment with this or that ED drug, a man should try it and look for possible complications. If there are no unwanted side effects, or they’re minor, the medication can be taken as usual.

How to choose between Tadacip and Apcalis SX? Since everyone has different individual reaction to drugs, both of them should be tried before initiating a fully-fledged course. For example, if you have strong side effects caused by Tadacip, you can opt for Apcalis SX. There’s a chance that it would trigger less complications. For some reasons, men have different reaction to different ED medications, even if they contain the same active components.

The treatment and prevention of erectile dysfunction – Health&Care

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The treatment and prevention of erectile dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction may be the result of both organic and psychological disorders. Besides, the fact that they may combine exacerbating the effect of each other is quite important. Thus, erectile dysfunction may be associated with either psychical or general physical disorders. Erectile dysfunction products at Health&Care pharmacy

The most qualified specialists applied the step-by-step system for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Firstly, the easiest and nonradical therapy methods are used. The main of them are the following:

The determination of drugs that you administer and further withdrawal of those that may somehow harm the erectile function.

Then you will be suggested to pass the test to determine the degree of effectiveness of the proerectile drugs for you. Thus, they will try to find out which one is the most suitable for you.

If there is no defined organic reason, then it is more likely that the dysfunction is related to psychic disorders. That is the reason why the consultation of a specialist is necessary.

The next step is the application of special methods of injections in penis with the suppositories of the urethral mechanism.

The application of various vacuum-constriction devices

Prosthesis of penis.

The consultation of a qualified specialist may be helpful even if the erectile dysfunction is caused by organic reason. The doctor will provide you the adequate treatment or send you to the specialist that deals the system of organs the pathology of which causes impotency.

It is very important that not only you, but also your partner participated in the process of treatment. It is necessary to mend your relations that will influence your getting well favourably.

Concerning the medicinal treatment it is necessary to say that the most popular in this sphere are the tableted medications of the phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors group. Besides, it is vitally important to understand that the simultaneous administration of such drugs with nitrates may result to such lowering of the arterial pressure that may sometimes be fatal. Moreover, the phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors should not be administered together with alpha-adrenoblockers. However, not all of the items are prohibited, but only those that cause the lowering of the arterial pressure. Careless treatment of these medications may be dangerous to your life. Thus, it is necessary to consult the doctor before the start of therapy. In the course of such conversation you will be able to define the medication that is the most suitable for you.

It is a mistake to think that solving of the erection problems may somehow bond you with your partner. It is possible, but only in those couples where love and concord prevail. But who those who experience some problems in relationship, there will be no effect, because sex is not enough to solve all of them.

You should never change the dose of the medications even slightly. It is due to the fact that the certain concentration of the medication in blood is useful, but slightly different may harm the organism sufficiently.

The phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors are the most popular oral medications. Besides, there are three main medications. These are Canadian Viagra, Сialis and Kamagra at However, lately the medications in forms of injections, that are injected directly in penis, are gaining popularity. Alprostadil that belongs to the group of intraural suppositories has good recommendations. If you also suffer from the testosterone deficiency, you will need the hormonal replacement therapy.

Viagra online and other ED Medicines: Why it is important to follow recommendations

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Erectile dysfunction, known as ED, is a widely spread problem among males all around the world. Having this issue some can give up and others look for the best treatment, and they will definitely find it. Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy is one of the most reputable and well-known places that provides only the best medicines to people suffering from ED. Here medications for all ages are displayed like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and others. These medicines are tested and proved to be rather effective and safe, though one should use them wisely following all the necessary rules to avoid possible side effects and some other harmful effects on health.

Measures before Taking

To get advantage of using ED drugs one should pay appropriate attention to all the precautions and follow the directions while taking them. Canadian Pharmacy provides not only the best medications, but gives indispensable advice and tips before starting ED therapy:

• Consult your doctor and check if you are not allergic to the ingredients of the chosen pills.
• Choose the best ED drugs offered.
• Avoid using Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and other medicines with nitrate drugs as they can lead to sudden blood pressure decrease.
• Ask your doctor if you can use ED drugs if having various health problems, such as high or low blood pressure, stomach ulcer, bleeding disorder, heart disease, blood cell disorder and other conditions.

While offering ED drugs Canadian Pharmacy Mall warns customers about side effects and possible negative outcomes of misuse and overuse of any medicine of this type. Among the most serious and dangerous ones are vision loss, urinary tract infection and diarrhea. Besides, there are cases of runny nose, headache and flushed face. Still, taking erectile dysfunction medication properly you will get so much wanted results and your sexual life will become brighter and definitely richer.

ED Drugs Instructions

Apart from warnings and side effects all the providers of such treatment give directions on the usage of every ED medication they offer. The most general and common are:

Canada Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are taken half an hour or an hour before the sexual intercourse.
• The pills are presented in various dosages, so you need to consult your doctor or customer support not to overuse the medicine. Concern your health and age while making this decision.
• Take ED medication just before the sexual activity; do not use it daily if it is not recommended.
• All these meds do not cause erection, so one should be sexually stimulated to see the results of the taken pills.
• Besides, it is necessary to keep ED pills in a safe place with the temperature that can vary from 15 to 30 degrees.

All in all, taking Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and other ED drugs you are sure to get beneficial and wanted results and make your sexual life diverse, though there is a requirement to follow all the provided instructions to avoid health risks.

Customer Reviews about Canadian Health&Care Mall

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To begin with, it is important to highlight that for some people buying medicines in the online pharmacy sounds suspicious. Nevertheless, millions of those who have once tried purchasing drugs from Canadian Health&Care Mall never regret their choice. Besides, thankful return clients share their review and comments expressing their gratitude and appreciation for qualitative medication and low prices. I have experienced the same thing: having bought drugs once from Canadian Pharmacy I became a constant client and will never change it for other one, either online or local drugstore. You will ask me why? I have lots of reasons for that and will gladly share them with you.

Why Choose Canadian Health and Care Mall

Health issues have always been very important for me, and I could never prejudice the quality of the drugs I take. However, having read dozens of positive feedback I decided to experience purchasing medicines from Canadian Pharmacy ( myself.

1. The very first thing that impressed me was the number of products displayed and their prices. Different medicines for various conditions starting from simple painkillers and up to erectile dysfunction drugs are offered in Canadian Pharmacy at rather inexpensive prices. So the drugs affordable.

2. Afterwards when I decided to make an order, I was pleasantly impressed by the services offered there. Experienced specialists gave me professional consultation concerning the medicines necessary for my exact condition, recommended me a preferable dosage and instructed about the usage. Besides, I got all the necessary information about the process of purchase, price formation, delivery, etc. from the customer support service that is available at any moment of day and night.

3. Having selected the needed medicines I moved to the process of ordering. Here I got not less striking and pleasant surprise – a discount. As I was a new client, they presented me with a 20% discount for all the products. Moreover, during my second purchase I also got an additional discount, this time as a returned customer. It’s such a nice bonus!

4. When I received the package, it became obvious that personal information safety was of great value for the pharmacy. I received a plain envelope without any signs, so no one could understand what was inside or where I ordered from. Oh, yes, fast shipping and delivery were also not little benefits.

5. And the last, but I think the most important factor that made me return is the quality of medications. All the drugs that I bought from Canadian Health Care Mall were highly effective and the result came without waiting. Talking about the correlation of quality and price, it sounds even more advantageous.

All in all, after my first experience buying from online Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy I would recommend it to everyone. All the services and policies of the store are beneficial and bring advantages. Besides, the prices and quality of medicines are excellent.

Information on Viagra for the Treatment of Impotence

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Viagra for the treatment of impotence

Viagra is FDA approved medication and is approved by health authorities in Europe and UK. In fact, it is approved and sold in several countries worldwide. Viagra is manufactured by pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer. The active ingredient in Viagra is sildenafil. It is meant for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence. Most men with erection problems can take Viagra and can resume their sexual life. It has helped several couples who lived together without any sort of sexual relationship to come closer. Viagra has helped millions of men across the globe in the last decade and will go on helping millions more, as it is a safe and effective option for the treatment of impotence.

Safety of Viagra

If you consult a registered GP and take Viagra as prescribed by him, chances are you will find Viagra safe and pleasant. Viagra is safe for most men even if they have diabetes, blood pressure problems and spinal cord injuries. Some men experience few side effects such as stuffy nose, facial blushing or headache when they take Viagra. These effects are generally mild and not noticeable and go away with time. After taking Viagra for some time, these men experience no side effects as their bodies adjust to the medication. Some men who should not take Viagra are men with poorly controlled low blood pressure, history of heart attack or stroke and under nitrate medications or alpha-blockers. Registered general practitioners are the best judge of your health condition and can determine the safety of Viagra in you.

Efficacy of Viagra

If the registered GP determines that Viagra is safe for you, the next question that arises is about the efficacy of Viagra. Viagra works in more than 70% of patients who take it. The efficacy of Viagra is time-tested and has been proven in not only clinical trials but also post market survey. Men with extreme health conditions and above the age of 65 years are happy with the efficacy of Viagra. If you take Viagra once and don’t feel any effects, despite sexual stimulation, don’t be disheartened. Sometimes, medications take time to build up in the body and become effective. Try again after a couple of days for two or three times and most likely, in the third or fourth trial, you will find it effective. If however, you still don’t get any effects, you can consult a doctor and he will increase the dosage for you if he thinks it is safe for you. In any case, do not increase the dose by yourself or take it more than once in a period of 24-hours.

Other options for treatment of impotence

There are several options besides Viagra for the treatment of impotence, such as Cialis and Levitra. If Viagra does not work for you for any reason, you need not lose hope as either of these two drugs may work for you. Most men choose to go for Viagra because it has been around for many years and has established its safety and efficacy. In any case, don’t go for herbal alternatives of Viagra, as their safety and efficacy is not determined. Many manufacturers sell counterfeit Viagra under the guise of generic Viagra and herbal Viagra. These medications are either ineffective or dangerous, as they might contain no beneficial ingredients or contain harmful chemicals. Either you lose money or you lose your life, with these Viagra alternatives. Go for genuine and branded Viagra only, as its safety and efficacy is tested and proven.

Cheap Sildenafil Citrate drugs – Generic Viagra, Sublingual Viagra

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One of the most common reasons for an unsatisfactory married life is erectile dysfunction amongst men. Erectile Dysfunction is a prolonged inability of a man to attain and maintain erection during sexual intercourse. It can be caused by both physical and emotional factors.Kamagra tablets were manufactured by Ajanta Pharma LTd. Kamagra tablets are the brand name for sildenafil citrate.

Kamagra tablets are distributed outside the United States. A Viagra imparts the feeling, excites the sexual appeal and prolongs the sexual intercourse. There is a wide variety of Viagra available in the market today but there are a growing number of concerns regarding their usage and the possible side effects they might cause.. In such a scenario, it is important that one finds a reliable and cheap drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil Citrate is known to be the best erection enhancer for men who wish to have planned sex and are looking for a pill that works on demand each time. Cheap Sildenafil Citrate is available on prescription at most of the chemists.

Sildenafil Citrate has a very strong safety profile and is extremely well tolerated by men. Many people prefer to go for generic treatments instead of branded ones, and the best option can be Kamagra. It is a version of generic Sildenafil Citrate or generic Viagra. Kamagra is available in different doses like 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. The medication expert will suggest the proper dosage so that there are no side-effects. Kamagra pills can be ordered online. A lot of companies offer cheap shipping for kamagra kaufen. Kamagra is also available as soft pills called Kamagra Soft.

These pills dissolve under the tongue and enter into the bloodstream in approximately 15 minutes. They are advised to be taken 30-45 minutes before the sexual activity. For many men, only half pill is necessary to give the necessary output. Care should be taken that only one pill is taken at a time and only once a day. In case of over dosage, contact the poison control center or emergency immediately. It is important to mention that Kamagra might react with many other medicines so it is important to avoid the usage of medicines that contain the following while using Kamagra: Cisapride Nitrates Other Sildenafil Drugs Australia.

Sex and the dimension perspective

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The dimension perspective holds that traits and characteristics are usually normally distributed throughout a population and therefore can be measured dimensionally. An individual may have high, average, or low extraversion, intelligence, and a host of other such traits. When individuals interact within environments that tax the limits of their traits, problems and inadequate responses, including sexual disorders or sexual problems – kamagra in australia , may result. The dimension perspective calls on the clinician to pay attention to these traits, the particular strengths and vulnerabilities of the individual, in formulating the cause of the disorder and in developing a treatment plan.


The dimension perspective is interested in measurement (see Table). As such, its logic is one of generating numbers and converting them to scores on scales for interpretation by the clinician. The dimension perspective counts and concludes in numbers rather than in categories. For example, the disease perspective is concerned with categories: does this person have hypertension or not? The dimension perspective prefers to ask the question: what are the person’s blood pressure readings? The response to the disease question is a categorical yes or no. The answer to the dimension question is 130/80.

Clearly each type of question and response is valid. But each serves a different purpose. Some specific information is lost in the categorization of an individual as, say, “hypertensive” or “normotensive.” The exact numerical values are combined into groups according to predetermined cutoff points. There are times when categorical groups facilitate communication—for example, between clinicians who are discussing a patient and between researchers in study design.

In the evaluation and treatment of sexual disorders order canadian viagra, the dimension perspective measures three principal domains: personality, intelligence, and the sexual behaviors themselves. This chapter considers all three and suggests how the dimension perspective contributes to the treatment plan.

In overview, the dimension perspective identifies the degrees to which the domains of personality, intelligence, and sexual behavior deviate from the norm. In this statistical distance from the average, the traits indicate either resources to be employed or vulnerabilities to be compensated for in the treatment. The goal of the strategies developed is to assist the individual in adapting to the demands of his or her life situation.

Why Buy an Impotence Drug?

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There are so many options for impotence treatment today. Thanks to modern medicine, men don’t have to sit in silence, suffering from erectile dysfunction. There are many reasons to seek treatment, and they may be vital in your personal life.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common diseases for men. In fact, an estimated 15 to 30 million adult males in the United States suffer from it at some point in their lives. Although this ailment is not fatal, it is serious cause for concern. Impotence is not a disease in and of itself. Instead, it’s a condition that is connected to more serious ailments. That’s not the only reason for seeking impotence treatment, though.

The physical side of impotence can’t easily be ignored. Erectile dysfunction is a common indicator of a few life-threatening ailments. Any physical ailment which hinders blood flow, such as heart disease and hypertension, is certainly a culprit. Impotence is directly related to improper blood flow to the groin area. Blood circulation to this area causes and sustains erections. Hypertension and blocked arteries negatively affect this blood flow, preventing a sustained erection. Interestingly, Viagra, the first oral drug for impotence, was discovered while researching treatment for hypertension and angina.

Though impotence has a powerful connection to ailments like heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes, it certainly isn’t the main reason to seek impotence treatment. There are more compelling reasons to try out Cialis, Levitra, and other impotence drugs.

The social stigma of erectile dysfunction is very important to men, but it’s also the reason why most men don’t even try to go to a doctor for the condition. In almost every culture, the virility and masculinity of a man are strongly connected to his ability to have sexual relations. You can look in history and in popular culture and see that the most macho men are portrayed as the typical ladies’ man who can get any woman he wants. Impotence damages this confident self-image and creates a persona that men do not want to be associated with-that of a timid male incapable of keeping a woman happy.

A healthy sexual relationship with a partner is also a significant reason for impotence treatment. Although this certainly is not the only factor for a good overall relationship, it certainly is critical to its success. Erectile dysfunction creates negative tension in the relationship. Women need to be satisfied as much as men do, and when that doesn’t happen, that impacts the relationship in a negative way.

Another reason for trying impotence drugs is the need to have children. Although many women today prefer not to get pregnant, there is still a significant number that do want to have a baby. This is especially true for married women, but it applies to all women across the board. For these women, unless they approach a sperm bank, the only way they will bear children is to have a sexual relationship with a man. Certainly, impotent men will not be able to fulfill their part of having children. This is yet another factor for tension in a relationship, one that can be resolved through the right impotence treatment.

Erectile dysfunction is a destructive force in men’s lives. However, modern medicine has provided us with options for the effective treatment of this ailment. Men should be aware of this condition and seek treatment. Knowing that you are impotent not only uncovers other serious diseases, but allows you to begin the path to healing and recovery. Remember, more than 15 million men are afflicted with impotence. Don’t be part of a statistic. If you’re suffering from this condition, you can find the right impotence treatment today.

Pure Solutions for Male Impotence

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Do you want to make your wellbeing a priority? Do you want to treatment this challenge for good? Do you want to learn how to take in nutritious? Are you fascinated in feeling like your twenty once again?

Learn about every thing you want to know about erectile dysfunctions and purely natural solutions for male impotence currently. Your remedy erectile dysfunctions normally report is waiting for you.

Impotence is the 1 of most widespread sexual problem in adult men. Actually impotence is the title of the issue when a adult men is not able to accomplish more powerful erection or to maintain more robust erection for long time to fulfill their partner.

Impotence dilemma affects all around 2.3 million guys population in United kingdom. About fifty percent of all males of them are over the age of forty. Nonetheless, just about about 8-10 percent of the affected men going for the impotence treatment method.

  • Principal Impotence Leads to

As there are numerous good reasons for the impotence difficulty. Frequently it hard association concerning the bodily and the psychological aspects of the sexual function. For e.g, if you have physical well-being predicament that causes psychological tension and also this might influence erection problem.

  • Physical overall health

A quantity of different distinctive well being ailments could result in impotence, which include:

* Hormone imbalances
* Parkinson’s condition
* Diabetes
* Numerous sclerosis
* If you have had surgical treatment in your pelvic area

Above consuming of alcohol can also have an impact on your ability to get and sustain more robust erection (usually known as brewer’s droop) which is incredibly necessary to satisfy your sexual spouse. For lengthy everyday living time period, it also disturbs the manufacturing of the male hormone testosterone in adult men, which may possibly lower your sexual push and the motivation (libido).

Also cigarette using tobacco destroys your blood vessels and help to boosts or higher your chances of the erection predicament. As exact same as if you are physically inactive, which will help to inadequate cardiovascular fitness, might boost the chances of impotence difficulty. And normally impotence problem may be the in advance of time warning signal for you that you are at high danger of coronary heart condition.

  • Impotence Treatment

Treatment method of impotence is probable. All over ninety Percent of guys uncover suited remedy of the impotence difficulty. The basic cure out there like medicines and cognitive behavioral therapy.

If the most important cause for impotence in you is acquiring connection issues, then chatting to psychosexual therapist or counselor will quite possibly be most useful for you.

  • Self Enable

A Beneficial lifestyle may protect against your impotence getting even worse. The subsequent given suggestion can also assist.

* If you smoke, make a program to give up cigarette smoking
* Get moderate intensity training for half an hour each day
* Get a balanced eating habits
* Limit the Alcohol Consuming
* Goal to reduce tension in your lifestyle
*If you have diabetes, you ought to make positive that you regulate your blood sugar levels correctly. Medicines

In the finish, in most other circumstances, the very last move will be a aid with a medicine that will help you to get and preserve the more robust erection.


Male impotence is the problem where the man can not hold an erection, so he is not capable to perform a sexual intercourse. There are quite a few explanations which lead to male impotence, either physical or phsychological. Also age can be a very important variable for impotence. As the man gets older, the more likelihood exists for impotence.

Cause Of Impotence Impotence Males

5 November, 2011 (03:50) | ED Causes | By: admin

If you are impotence males suffering from cause of impotence, learn what treatment option is available to you so that you can start to enjoy a healthy sex life.

Wondering what the primary cause of impotence is? You might be surprised to learn the top five causes, and how they may play a factor in your life. Before you give up hope on finding a treatment option, learn about why you have impotence and what options you have in dealing with it.

  • Impotence Males: Mentality

Our brain controls the sexual center of our body. If you are stressed, depressed or having relationship problems, this can contribute to impotence. In these cases, mental therapy has been shown to beneficial.

  • Impotence Males: Obesity

When the body is overweight, everything becomes a chore for its functions. One thing that obesity hinders is good circulation. With poor blood flow, it’s more difficult to achieve or maintain an erection.

  • Cause of Impotence: Diseases

Certain diseases can cause impotence. A few list toppers include: heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. Generally, this can be corrected using supplements or drugs to treat impotence.

  • Cause of Impotence: Smoking, Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Smoking constricts blood vessels, as does alcohol and drug abuse. When the body is working in overdrive, it can struggle to maintain good blood flow. This can vastly contribute to impotence males.

  • Cause of Impotence: The Aging Process

The most common cause of impotence is us naturally growing older. As we age, our body’s become less able and agile. However, by taking supplements or drugs that improve blood flow and libido, as well as testosterone production, impotence can be easily treated.

  • Impotence Males – Treatment Options

Here are five impotence males treatment options you can explore, keep in mind that impotence is a very treatable condition, but you first have to take the steps to get treatment for it.

1. Prescription drugs
2. Sexual therapy
3. Surgical repair
4. Penile creams, lotions and gels
5. Natural supplements that treat the impotence males

Certainly, it can seem dissuading that you are reading about all of these things that can be the cause of impotence. But there is some good news: effective treatment options await you. Don’t be embarrassed about something so common that more than 30 million men suffer from it in the US alone. Rather, take action and do something about it today, and enjoy better sex tonight!